CFNL-badgeRemake-hiResAfter serving as the vice president for the Navy League Council of Central Florida for the past year, January welcomed Bill “Roto” Reuter as the Council’s new president. Roto, who has been a member of the Navy League since 2012, will serve as the president for a two-year term which is slated to end January 2018.

“The Navy League is unique among military-oriented associations because we are a civilian organization dedicated to the education of our children and adult citizens, including our elected officials,” Roto explained. “But we also support Central Florida men and women of the sea services and their families.

“I’m very proud of the work we have done in recent years, especially our partnership with both the city and county to be able to plan and build the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial at Blue Jacket Park. It was a great moment for all of us to be able to present this amazing tribute back to the city for its citizens to cherish for years to come.”

Roto said that one of the reasons he very much enjoys being a part of the Navy League is that it welcomes anyone who has an interest — you do not need to have served in the military to be a member.

What’s top on Roto’s list as president? “I am looking forward to continuing to work with our council to help the Navy League bring in new members – both individuals and corporations,” Roto said. “Aside from the Phase 2 and 3 work we are doing in support of the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial, we raise funds through our annual Bob Bret Memorial Golf Tournament to benefit Sea Services families, and host the Navy’s Birthday Ball each year to celebrate our Service. We need more members to not only help us plan and host these events, but to help us share our message all across Central Florida.”

“I am honored to serve in the capacity for such a great organization,” Roto said. “The Central Florida Council is ‘making waves’ nationally with its efforts in our region. We have a great team of patriots dedicated to ensuring the citizens of Central Florida are keenly aware of the contribution of the Sea Services to our cherished freedoms.